Plan Ahead

Preneed Forms

Pre-Planning – Many people choose to pre-plan their funeral. This is because they know how stressful and burdensome last minute arrangements can be on family members. Our pre-need counselor can review with you the advantages of pre-need planning. Some of these advantages are securing costs and protecting against inflation, as well as sparing your loved ones the emotional and financial burden at the time of need. With a pre-need counseling session, you are under no obligation and will receive vital information to help you make informed decisions either now or in the future. We encourage you to give us a call.

Inflation Proof – Funeral costs are rising all the time. with a Pre-Need Plan from Tisdale-Lann Memorial, you pay for your funeral at today’s prices. A Pre-Need plan consists of the basic service charge, the cost of a casket, and the cost of an outside container (which is optional). Once paid in full, except for cash advances, which are outside services, the Tisdale-Lann Memorial Pre-Need contract will be honored regardless of how much prices have risen in the interim time period. No medical examination is required and there is no age limit. And, more importantly, the family is left knowing what you really wanted, without worrying about the cost.

Pre-Need Statistics Record (PDF File)
Pre Conference Letter (PDF File)