About Us

Our History

Tisdale-Lann Memorial’s reputation for giving excellent service began in 1879, when Lann & Carter Hardware Company, operating in a massive three-story structure on East Commerce Street in downtown Aberdeen, established a casket manufacturing business. Near the turn of the century, embalmers and funeral directors were added to the staff.

The firm continued as part of the hardware business until after World War II, when the new mortuary was constructed on West Washington St. at Hickory. That original funeral home, which has now been expanded two times, was built in 1948 and dedicated to the Lann Family, who were pioneers in Monroe County.

In 1950, William M. Tisdale and his wife, Mary, took over operation of the funeral home. They purchased it in 1959.

In 1963, another modern facility was opened in Nettleton, also operating as Lann Memorial Funeral Home.

Also in 1963, Lann Memorial in Aberdeen further expanded by acquiring Harrison Funeral Home. A new, larger chapel and family rooms were added to the Aberdeen facility in 1964.

1990 saw still another expansion at Lann Memorial in Aberdeen, when a new, even larger chapel, additional rooms, and facilities were added.

Then, in 1997, both Aberdeen and Nettleton facilities began operating as Tisdale-Lann Memorial Funeral Homes. The year 2007 saw considerable expansion and enhancement of Tisdale-Lann Memorial in Nettleton, including a beautiful new facade. In October 2020, Tisdale-Lann Memorial Funeral Home was purchased by Bobby Cleveland and Chuck Moffett. Bobby and Chuck look forward to building on the trust and foundation that has been built by Tisdale-Lann Memorial Funeral Home since 1879.